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Pounded by a Pound Sign

Sometimes two men come together to kiss. Sometimes they come together to erect a monument to honor another man. Last year, Ryder Knightley put two men inside of him and came to life to pay tribute to Chuck Tingle.

pounded WEB FJ

What started as a joke… continued as a joke. Butt something beautiful happened. Ryder found a heart and a deeper message between the lines of the smut he was conjuring. A message of love, and particularly, one man’s love for symbolism.

We proudly present Ryder Knightley. He’s been a long time coming. And if you’re looking for something hot, something over the top and touching, Pounded by a Pound Sign may fill that hole. You can find the link here.

Now Ryder would like to show off his sweater collection.

Ryder banner

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