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TAKEN HARD by Madeleine Swann

New Kink proudly presents…


Before you get too excited, let’s give this video a shot. The beloved Sauda Namir reads an excerpt for us in a series called Bizarro Bedtime.

With a gorgeous cover from artist Bill Purnell, and a lot of kink packed in a small package, let’s see what she’s about.

“Lillia Gardens is the largest erotic resort in several dimensions. It’s home to colourful flora, weird creatures and time travelling visitors, all ready and willing to get filthy – like Wonderland or Oz but smuttier.

Each story follows a woman from a different era who recieves a mysterious card inviting them to the Gardens, including Sam, a modern Western woman in a failing relationship; Aysun, a member of a Sultan’s harem and Itzel, a Mayan princess. Overseen by their mysterious guide Rex, a rainbow half-man half-bird, they experience all the strange and wonderful things the resort has to offer from vagina seats in the park to a sensory depriving tube.

But it can’t be sunshine and orgasms for everybody, and the Garden needs payment…”


14017913_10153681752656231_1813727004_nMadeleine Swann’s novella, Rainbows Suck, was part of the 2015 New Bizarro Author Series with Eraserhead press. Her collection, The Filing Cabinet of Doom, was released by Burning Bulb. Her stories have appeared on The Wicked Library Podcast and various anthologies. She spends her days trying to pet animals who would rather be left alone.

Visit madeleineswann.com for more.

Like the art? Meet the artist – http://billpurnell.com/

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Mythic Lust by Christine Morgan!

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed here at New Kink we’ve had a focus on Bizarro Erotica. Christine Morgan’s MYTHIC LUST is a much more classic take on the genre. She mixes two things very well – mythic beasts and hot sex. So, let’s take a look at the full jacket.


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Like some Lovecraft, do ya? Like butt stuff? Well then, do we have something for you. Roll that beautiful bean footage.

sbi WEB FJ

Jason Wayne Allen brings you SHOGGOTH BUTT INVASION.   A tale of love, of sensual exploration, of…

Yeah, no. It’s not any of that. It’s dirty. Here’s what she’s about.
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Sex Bear Joins New Kink!

Sex Bear fb

Only 99 cents!

Maybe join is the wrong word. Sex Bear: The Legend Continues was created on a hot, sweaty night in the summer of 2015. The two men who created Sex Bear love each other very much and formed together as Monsieur Loads. And another man, who will remain incognito, coined the name for the then fledgling company that would become New Kink.

So technically, Sex Bear is the first love child of this unholy enterprise.

Now, we could talk about Sex Bear but I think it would be better to show you what other folks are saying. Here’s a review from a very nice lady on goodreads. She’d come across the book thanks to our good friend Arthur Graham.


Now, we’re all very busy but we’d like to show you the second coming of Sex Bear. Just like the first, it is full of laughs and over-the-top images that may make you reconsider suicide on yet another Shit Monday on Shit Earth. Raiiiiiinboooows. Poop boobs. Doody Knockers.

SB Choad Warrior

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Live Action Hentai and Kerry Lip!

hentai WEB FJ

The full cover reveal along with our latest release, we proudly present Kerry Lipp’s “Live Action Hentai.” As you can see in our website header, the project was originally named Squidfucked, but as we’ve found with some of our other titles, censorship does exist via Amazon. It’s seems tricky at first, trying to figure out what parameters we have as publishers of bizarro erotica, but we’ve found the radar (somewhat) and we’re learning how to fly under it produce some of the oddest erotica titles on the market. There are certain guidelines, certain places you cannot go without getting flagged.  Usually, almost all of the problems you’ll first encounter are the images in the cover or interior. The next bit you have to worry about is the title and the blurb. The language itself.

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Strange Sex 3!!!


The latest anthology compiled by our very own John Bruni. The Kindle has just gone live and can be found here, and while the print version syncs to Amazon (if you just can’t contain yourself)  you can get it direct from the printer here.

Now, the curtains draw back and reveal the authors responsible for this unholy enterprise. We proudly present…

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Answer The Fucking Question, John Bruni!


*We met Rachel Thorne at BizarroCon in Portland, Oregon. We were totally impressed with her pitch at the workshop and her thoughts on erotica and writing. And as things happen, she started doing interviews for us. Nice, eh?*

Rachel Thorne: Hey John! I absolutely loved Dong of Frankenstein! Frankenstein is one of my favorite books, and I love that you explored the gay subtext that is so obviously there.

Have you written erotica before?

John Bruni: I’m glad you liked it! As far as writing erotica, I’ve done a few things in the past under pen names, but nothing big. This is the first time I’ve done it under my own name.

RT: So what was your inspiration for the book? Why did you decide to write a Frankenstein erotica?

JB: Dong of Frankenstein came to me in an unusual way. Normally the story idea arrives first, and the title occurs to me when I sit down to write the story. I’d been invited to take part in a monster porn imprint, but I didn’t really have any monster porn ideas. Then one day, out of the blue, I’m taking a shower and the title Dong of Frankenstein appeared in my head. I couldn’t stop laughing. I had to write something about that. I just had to make sure no one thought of it yet. Shockingly, after a Google search, I determined no one had done something like that. It pleased me to be the first.

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The Porn Star Retirement Plan Is Here! With Video Instructions!

We could tell you, but we’d rather show you. Check out this video by John Wayne Comunale on his new book PORN STAR RETIREMENT PLAN. 
video img


And the full cover before the censors got us! The prudes couldn’t handle Jim Agpalza’s art. Continue reading

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Mandy De Sandra’s Hot Book On Fox News

On the surface, a book like this seems like a joke. And it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny. It’s a punk kid spitting in the face of a cop during a riot. It’s a big middle finger to authoritarianism.  And there’s something beautiful about it. That even though we inhabit a climate these days where people’s emotional outrage seems to outweigh civilized debate and logic, where we have a presidential candidate who exhibits some hallmark signs of fascism… we also live in a place where something like Fox News Fuckfest can exist.

When Mandy pitched us this book, we were almost certain it would be suppressed by the censors at Amazon. Even with that in mind, it was just too damn funny not to try. As we began to construct the ridiculous cover, I was looking for source material to get some ideas on just how we were going to pull it off. I typed in, “political  erotica” and guess who popped up? Mandy De Sandra. I tried a few variations.

And it gave me Mandy, and Mandy, and Mandy.

Art by Erik Wilson

Art by Erik Wilson

I asked myself, “Has Mandy created something new here? A form of triple X political satire for American culture?”  That got me really excited, and I still can’t believe it got through. Mandy De Sandra is a goddamn patriot. I started to think of her as more than just a comedian but perhaps a sexual freedom fighter. I don’t know. I just know it’s funny, and if we can do this, then there’s hope yet.

So here we go. Check out the full jacket. You can find the kindle here , in the sidebar, or in our book section. The print book is syncing to Amazon as  I write this, and you just may find this gem floating around your local bookstore.

fox web

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