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Obviously, this book is dumb fun. It began as a joke and continues to be one, but the first Sex Bear had enough response it warranted a return. If you’re looking for the id run wild, for a quick pep in your step, and a laughable distraction as you march into the daily routine of survival, this book may be for you. You can find it right here. ┬áIf you’d like to read the first, you can find it right here for only 99 cents (or free on Kindle Unlimited). And just like the first book, this one is full of ridiculous pictures. So there’s that.

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Sex Bear Joins New Kink!

Sex Bear fb

Only 99 cents!

Maybe join is the wrong word. Sex Bear: The Legend Continues was created on a hot, sweaty night in the summer of 2015. The two men who created Sex Bear love each other very much and formed together as Monsieur Loads. And another man, who will remain incognito, coined the name for the then fledgling company that would become New Kink.

So technically, Sex Bear is the first love child of this unholy enterprise.

Now, we could talk about Sex Bear but I think it would be better to show you what other folks are saying. Here’s a review from a very nice lady on goodreads. She’d come across the book thanks to our good friend Arthur Graham.


Now, we’re all very busy but we’d like to show you the second coming of Sex Bear. Just like the first, it is full of laughs and over-the-top images that may make you reconsider suicide on yet another Shit Monday on Shit Earth. Raiiiiiinboooows. Poop boobs. Doody Knockers.

SB Choad Warrior

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