Mythic Lust by Christine Morgan!

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed here at New Kink we’ve had a focus on Bizarro Erotica. Christine Morgan’s MYTHIC LUST is a much more classic take on the genre. She mixes two things very well – mythic beasts and hot sex. So, let’s take a look at the full jacket.


You can find the book on Amazon right here. Now what’s it about?

As if . . . why, as if it were no mere mortal creature but touched by the gods. Perhaps even a god itself . . . had not Zeus disguised himself as a bull to carry away Europa? Just as he had taken swan’s form to seduce Leda, and become a shower of gold to visit Danae’s locked tower bedchamber?”

If you only recall the Greek myths that were taught to you in your youth, then this decidedly adult take on the material will surely raise an eyebrow, and maybe something more.

Christine Morgan’s Mythic Lust details the sexual exploits of two heroines, two generations of women whose sexual exploits are legend, whose lovers are no mere mortal men.

Featuring stormy, raw sexuality, these intense affairs will leave you wanting more…

 12822095_914571985323594_376960580_nChristine Morgan works the overnight shift in a psychiatric facility, which plays havoc with her sleep schedule but allows her a lot of writing time. A lifelong reader, she also reviews, beta-reads, occasionally edits and dabbles in self-publishing. Her other interests include gaming, history, superheroes, crafts, cheesy disaster movies and training to be a crazy cat lady.

She can be found online at and


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