Like some Lovecraft, do ya? Like butt stuff? Well then, do we have something for you. Roll that beautiful bean footage.

sbi WEB FJ

Jason Wayne Allen brings you SHOGGOTH BUTT INVASION.   A tale of love, of sensual exploration, of…

Yeah, no. It’s not any of that. It’s dirty. Here’s what she’s about.

The Stars are Right…for a fuck fest!

After Professor William Dyer returns from Antartica, he impregnates Miskatonic University student Beatrixxx Gibbousbottom with a Shoggoth!

Disgraced, Dyer disappears.

The voluptuous, red headed Beatrixxx attempts to abort the eldritch thing from those Mountains of Madness, but it escapes and rampages the town of Arkham.

With the end near the lusty, busty Beatrixxx revenge fucks some key players in Cosmic Horror’s most infamous town!

So, if Sexcraft is up your alley, you can check out the book here.  And let’s not forget the amazing art of Armani Rush. Find him here on facebook and give him money to make stuff.


Jason Wayne Allen has published several short stories, mostly in the Bizarro and Horror genres.
His first novel
Ichthyic in the Afterglow was published by MorbidbookS, September, 2015.

He is Southern by the disgrace of some dark god, but currently resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and two dogs. He likes Nintendo and beer.


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