Strange Sex 3!!!


The latest anthology compiled by our very own John Bruni. The Kindle has just gone live and can be found here, and while the print version syncs to Amazon (if you just can’t contain yourself)  you can get it direct from the printer here.

Now, the curtains draw back and reveal the authors responsible for this unholy enterprise. We proudly present…

Just Like The Real Thing” © Mike Lombardo

Combo Platter Number Three” © MP Johnson

Tanuki Vs. The Aokigahara Swingers Club” © Arthur Graham

Ectoplasm Orgasm” © Adam Millard

The Mark Of Zorra” © Rich Bottles Jr.

Snowballin’: I Fucked Frosty” © Auralie Vierge

CuntBomb!!!” © TruckDrivingMagicMamma

Rat Fuck” © Robert Tannahill

Duck Me In The Bass:

An Autocorrect Anal Sex Text Adventure” © Mandy De Sandra

A Market For All Things” © John Bruni

BigBoobenstein And The Demon Vibrator Of Eden” © Jeff O’Brien

The Office Photocopier Wants To Fuck Me” © Leonard Delaney

Mine” © Elle Stanger

The Aliens Of HerAnus” ©Made In DNA

Bionic Bonkers Feline Sextacular” 3000 © Jason Wayne Allen

Red Hot Panda Love” © Danger_Slater

Enjoy yourselves!



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4 responses to “Strange Sex 3!!!

  1. Has anyone sent a copy to the Oregon Militia Alliance yet?


  2. Reblogged this on Sexploration Fiction and commented:
    “Have you ever felt the urge to fuck the photocopier?”

    How can you go wrong with a tagline like that? Better than better than a bag of dick gummys and dildos sent to the Oregon Militia Alliance, Strange Sex 3 is solid anthology of sexploitation fiction by 15 authors (including myself) and comes in ebook (Kindle) and TPB formats.

    Jump over to the New Kink Books page for links and content information. Adults only.


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