Mandy De Sandra’s Hot Book On Fox News

On the surface, a book like this seems like a joke. And it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny. It’s a punk kid spitting in the face of a cop during a riot. It’s a big middle finger to authoritarianism.  And there’s something beautiful about it. That even though we inhabit a climate these days where people’s emotional outrage seems to outweigh civilized debate and logic, where we have a presidential candidate who exhibits some hallmark signs of fascism… we also live in a place where something like Fox News Fuckfest can exist.

When Mandy pitched us this book, we were almost certain it would be suppressed by the censors at Amazon. Even with that in mind, it was just too damn funny not to try. As we began to construct the ridiculous cover, I was looking for source material to get some ideas on just how we were going to pull it off. I typed in, “political  erotica” and guess who popped up? Mandy De Sandra. I tried a few variations.

And it gave me Mandy, and Mandy, and Mandy.

Art by Erik Wilson

Art by Erik Wilson

I asked myself, “Has Mandy created something new here? A form of triple X political satire for American culture?”  That got me really excited, and I still can’t believe it got through. Mandy De Sandra is a goddamn patriot. I started to think of her as more than just a comedian but perhaps a sexual freedom fighter. I don’t know. I just know it’s funny, and if we can do this, then there’s hope yet.

So here we go. Check out the full jacket. You can find the kindle here , in the sidebar, or in our book section. The print book is syncing to Amazon as  I write this, and you just may find this gem floating around your local bookstore.

fox web


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