The Inside Story

The concept for New Kink started quite a few months ago, probably a year ago with the way my memory works. We’d been tampering with idea of writing surreal, strange, and comedic erotica, but not just that – we wanted to explore the genre from different angles. There is a sort of stigma that comes along with writing erotica, however. If not for readers, it can definitely be felt by writers. I can’t speak for anyone else really, but when I attempted to start writing in the form I noticed several things – Erotica flowed out of me, it was quick, it was fun. I was laughing at the keystrokes and sometimes getting a chubby. It almost felt…easy. It felt like cheating. I got the same kind of response from a lot of my writer friends who were tampering around with it. Like we were doing something bad.

Which made it even more alluring.

Here we were, many of us in our 30’s, or close to it, and we were concerned about reputations and repercussions. Like we were 12 years old or something. Sex, taboo? Come on. It was ridiculous.  So when I was first asked to take a shot at writing gay erotica through a publisher, I took it very seriously. I wanted a character that wasn’t two dimensional and hollow. I wanted some heart in there along with all the rutting. I knew a writer who was a fan of Chuck Tingle and we began a conversation about the book. Shortly after, we began writing the piece together, taking turns on each chapter.

It was by far the most fun I’d ever had with writing. I’d never finished an erotica piece before and I’d never co-written anything. Two brains pumping hard together to try and top the other one to achieve some epic deluge of a climax… I jokingly called it “Power Coupling.”

Sex was in the air. Some good friends of ours were building a lil’ something called MonstErection about the same time.  As it turned out, we absorbed MonstErection and joined forces. If you’re part of the Bizarro community ( if not, look for bizarro greats like Carlton Mellick III or head over to, this coupling of weird fiction and sex was inevitable. It was already being done. Titles like “Cum for Sasquatch,” the wide array of dinosaur erotica and the off the wall stuff and current news items used by writers like Chuck Tingle and Mandy DeSandra we’re already going viral.

Sex sells, right?

But more than that, it’s not boring. When you read it out loud, people will listen. They will laugh despite themselves, they become interested, or… they leave immediately. Probably to go pray or masturbate somewhere. When I questioned why I felt this stigma about writing erotica, some of the first few rebuttals my brains offered went something like –

That’s not REAL writing. 

That’s for hacks.

Anybody could do this.

But why was I having so much goddamned fun writing it? I asked myself the same question I ask myself with nearly every book I write. What is the purpose of this? What is my purpose? And when I really get down to it and go beyond all the things I feel like I’m supposed to say as a writer, the reason, the purpose has almost always been the same as far as I can remember. I like to tell stories. I like to entertain. I like to make people happy. Or shock them. Or horrify them. Or gross them out.

And so here we are, inspired and hopefully entertaining. We have collected a wide array of writers. We will bring you all the wild smut we can muster. Whatever you want to call it – absurd erotica, bizarrorotica, monster erotica, and just good old fashioned erotica – we hope to entertain you.

Enjoy yourselves.  Today we launch our first book.

Oh yeah, here are some of our upcoming titles.

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