The Dong of Frankenstein!



Today we celebrate our first lovechild. We bring you John Bruni’s “Dong of Frankenstein.” What is it, you ask? Well-

“In a tale of unrequited butt love, Dr. Victor Frankenstein lives as a closeted gay man in a time when society vilifies men of his proclivities. Fueled by dreams of bareback passion, he crafts a chiseled brute to satisfy his deepest urges. But when his creation’s Frankencock only swells for the fairer sex, the nightmare begins…”

Cover art by the great Jim Agpalza, and also, a short reading by the stunning Sauda Namir on Bizarro Bedtime. You can find the video here –


The e-book can be found here, or by clicking any picture of it on our site. Print version will be available for the flesh in the coming day or so.

Stay tuned. Enjoy yourselves.


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